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My name is Sheila Malo, I am writting to you....Because this case is getting absolutly annoying.

I took the toefl exam on 6th june ( paying extra fee= 50 dollars to advance the test because i was applying for a scholarship) the PC crashed. lossing time, so they reschulded me ( with a lot of confusing emails as an answer,with the headquarters: they contradict themselves: first they said I could keep the old score, and when I decided to do that , after 2 days they wrote me back saying it is not possible, and that I had to retake the exam again,!

here I lost my possibility of scholarship because of their imcompetence.On 21st june i Retake the test again. This time, again in Barcelona.

On the 11 th july I was suposed to have the scores, scores..I write them answer...and after one week later they write me back saying that on the speaking section they couldnt perceive any sound, so I had to retake another test: For the third time!..

This is UNacceptable. 2 months lost!, 3 exams...I lost money, time, and health because of a really incompetence Organization. I want a solution for this case

Monetary Loss: $180.


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